Hokejske drsalke CCM JetSpeed FT1 SR

Hokejske drsalke CCM JetSpeed FT1 SR


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Hokejske drsalke CCM JetSpeed FT1 SR


  • Quarter Package: 
    • One-piece RocketFrame Composite with L1TE frame 360 technology
      • 6 years in the making, the true one-piece boot allows CCM to remove the outsole entirely; greatly improving energy transfer efficiency, direct foot-to-ice connection, overall responsiveness, fit and power
      • For the first time to CCM is asymmetrical heel support that provides a truly anatomical fit that wraps around the foot like a glove, eliminating negative space for once again, more power and a better overall fit
      • The outsole-less construction allows the bottom of the boot to better contour around the foot and can also mold during the heat making process, which is something skates with outsoles cannot do
    • SpeedCore III
      • Working with the RocketFrame, this inner core gives players premium stiffness for extreme explosiveness while maintaining a high-level of comfort 
      • Fully thermoformable for a personalized fit that helps reduce break-in time
  • Liner:
    • Total-Dri Pro with strategically placed DuraZone Abrasion Patches
      • CCM's premier liner does an excellent job of wicking away moisture and resisting abrasion
      • Integrated anti-wear material at the top of the liner extends the life of the skate in a high-wear area where shin guards tend to rub
    • Comfort Foam Padding at the top of the quarter package to alleviate high-ankle abrasion that can occur with stiff, high-end boots
    • Multi-density Memory Foam ankle pads for premium comfort and high-definition, anatomical heel lock
  • Tongue Construction: 
    • Tri-Tech 7mm Two-Piece Thick White Felt with injected HDPE foam reinforcement 
      • Triple-layered construction for pro-level protection and comfort 
      • Injected foams promote comfort and provide protection but they also mold to the top of a player's foot during the baking process
      • Embossed lace-bite saddle that properly situates the laces, thus further preventing lace-bite
    • Smooth Contour Pro collar
      • Soft padding helps to alleviate high-ankle abrasion
  • Footbed:
  • Blade Holder and Runner: 
    • SpeedBlade Hyper-Glide Runners
      • Finely polished steel provides extra glide with less drag, resulting in superior speed
    • SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder
      • SpeedRibs utilize a triangular design that increases torsional resistance for optimal energy transfer through each stride
      • Provides one of the most aggressive turning radiuses in the game today

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