Hokejska lovilka za vratarja CCM Premier R1.9 SR

Hokejska lovilka za vratarja CCM Premier R1.9 SR

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Hokejska lovilka za vratarja CCM Premier R1.9 SR

The CCM Premier R1.9 Goalie Catcher uses high quality foams and the phenomenal Premier series design to produce a catcher with perfect closure and excellent protection.

The internal protection in the CCM Premier R1.9 catcher comes from HD, EPE, and PE foams. The palm is reinforced with HD foam in the high impact area to significantly reduce the stingers that occur from hard shots.

The Premier R1.9 catcher continues the Premier series' design of an injected molded one-piece cuff and thumb. This design is complimented by an offset Single-T pocket, which when combined with the angled thumb of the injection molded one-piece cuff, helps direct pucks into the pocket more efficiently. The Premier R1.9 has a 590 break angle, meaning the closure comes from the middle of the hand instead of primarily the index finger and thumb.

The backhand and fingers are wrapped in PE and EPE foam, ensuring that the goaltender's hand is protected from slashes to the hand from sticks and skates. The Premier R1.9's 1/4" felt palm provides the goaltender with solid grip in the hand, making it easier to quickly close the catcher and reduce the risk of pop-outs.

  • Model Number: GMR1.9
  • Heritage: Premier Series
  • Level of Play:
    • Intermediate -> Advanced

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