Hokejski ščitniki za ramena za vratarja CCM E Flex 1.9 SR

Hokejski ščitniki za ramena za vratarja CCM E Flex 1.9 SR

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HHokejski ščitniki za ramena za vratarja CCM E Flex 1.9 SR

The CCM Extreme Flex Shield E1.9 Goalie Chest Protector has a brand new design that maximizes mobility while still maintaining excellent coverage. The E1.9 chest protector uses very high quality foams throughout, and is usable up to the Advanced level of competition.

The Extreme Flex Shield E1.9 chest protector has highly protective HD and PE foam in the chest and stomach area. The sternum is constructed with 3D molded HD foam, ensuring that complete protection is attained in a very sensitive area. The ribs feature wrap around LD foam that is non intrusive but provides great protection.

The shoulder wings feature segmented HD and PE foam that provide great protection and a light weight feel. The shoulder caps are reinforced with 3D molded HD foam to ensure that even hard shots have greatly reduced impact.

The arms on the Extreme Flex E1.9 feature compression molded HD and PE foam, providing excellent stinger protection throughout the arm.

The Extreme Flex E1.9 chest protector has the quick release velcro adjustable fit system that was introduced with last year on the Premier series. On the back of the shoulders there are two tabs that allow the goaltender to adjust the chest height and shoulder floater position. The arms have four adjustment straps to help customize the fit even further. Lastly, there are two straps on the lower back that are used for chest adjustments.

  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play:
    • Intermediate -> Advanced

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