Hokejska lovilka za vratarja CCM Extreme Flex 4 PRO SR

Hokejska lovilka za vratarja CCM Extreme Flex 4 PRO SR

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Hokejska lovilka za vratarja CCM Extreme Flex 4 PRO SR

New for 2019, CCM has developed their newest adaptation in the Extreme Flex franchise. The all new CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior Goalie glove is meticulously engineered and handcrafted for a game ready feel.

Starting off with the face and graphic of the CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior Goalie Glove, CCM has manufactured the face of the glove to have a large pocket area that seamlessly transitions in to the one piece cuff design. This design allows the goalie to have a large visual presentation with the help of the wide pocket design. On the graphic, CCM EF4 has created a new visual look that utilizes triangle shaped large color areas, a long color zone to break up the cuff design from the pocket and three long triangle accent streaks which contains rippled lining throughout these three zones to create a shadowing effect. .

Throughout the glove, CCM has uses their proprietary “SpeedSkin” synthetic stamped material which creates a new level for style and function. It is designed to perform the best out of all materials CCM has to offer. .

Continuing the face of the glove’s construction, CCM has decided to adapt upon their popular cuff shape from the EF3 glove and bring it to the EF4 model. The cuff shape which had been previously introduced to the Extreme Flex line is designed to have easier top corner coverage due to the shape of the glove favoring the “thumb” side of the cuff. CCM also has designed the shape of the “pinky” side of the glove to fit comfortably on the sides of the goaltender to promote maximum coverage for in tight shots just over the pad on the goalie’s side. The closure angle is the popular 600 break or 75 degree angle that is used to help a goalie who wants and natural and comfortable closure. .

On to the palm, coming with a game ready feel, CCM has continued to use D30 material that was used in the previous PII and EF3 catchers. D30 is a polyurethane energy-absorbing material used for impact protection and shock absorption to prevent from stinging shots in the palms and fingers of the EF4 Pro catcher which can be visibly seen in the break portion of the glove. The inner palm is padded with a 3/8 inch thick felt and D30 material for maximum protection. .

Moving on to the internal section of the glove, the CCM Extreme Flex 4 catcher has changed the finger stalls to Grey Nash to provide comfort and a softer feel through use. These finger stalls not only give you more comfort but also provide you with a better secured feeling for maximum control over the glove opening and closing. CCM has also added their new webbing quick release wrist strap that extends through the cuff for quick and easy adjustments for further control over the catcher. .

Finally, going back to the pocket of the glove, the CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior Goalie Glove uses the advantages of a massive Double Tee design previously used in the EF3 catcher. The Double Tee build of the pocket allows the goalie to have improved sight of the puck through the pocket of the glove and the depth of the pocket allows the goalie to catch pucks and keep them secure after making the save. The two Tee’s of the glove are separated with a large space to provide the visual attachment previously mentioned. .

Compared to the Extreme Flex 4.9 Senior goalie glove, the CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior will feature higher quality construction with higher grade materials in both the outer materials and interior core. The CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior features D30 Protection on the palm of the glove for extra protection as well as 3/8 inch thick felt on the inner palm also with D30 material, compared to the EF4.9 with ¼ inch felt on the inner palm with high density foam. .

If you are an elite-level goalie who wants a glove designed for maximum coverage, mobility and protection, the CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior Goalie glove is the choice for you. .

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