Hokejski rolerji Mission INHALER FZ-3 SR

Hokejski rolerji Mission INHALER FZ-3 SR

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Hokejski rolerji Mission INHALER FZ-3 SR

Brand new for the 2019 season are the Inhaler FZ-3 Senior Roller Hockey Skates from Mission Hockey! With a few new key features, along with some tried and true features, you will be well-equipped for any in-game situation!

Starting with the appearance, Mission Hockey went with a sleek redesign of their colorway, going with a black toe that progressively changes to white moving towards the heel. This is encapsulated by an orange color on the wheels, tongue, and tendon guard, which really pop, thanks to the predominantly black and white colorway of the boot.

The top half of the FZ-3 Senior Roller Hockey Skates feature a reinforced true-form PU quarter package. This quarter package is lightweight, protective, and highly durable! The quarter package also features a ventilation system on both sides of the boot, which help with airflow and breathability during skating sessions.

On the interior of the boot, Mission used a thermoformable Grip liner with foam padding. This liner helps keep your foot in place while skating, improving stride efficiency. This liner is heat moldable as well, which will provide players with an anatomical, close to the foot fit. This process will help players be comfortable and responsive during gameplay.

Going hand in hand with the Grip liner is Mission’s form-fitting 3-piece tongue with metatarsal padding. This tongue will provide players with a high level of comfort and protection!

Moving to the bottom half of the Inhaler FZ-3 Roller Hockey Skates, the boot sits atop a lightweight, TPU Injected outsole, which pairs up to a HI-LO Aluminum chassis. This setup is durable and lightweight! Paired with this chassis are two 76mm Labeda Union wheels in the front, and two 80mm Union wheels in the back. This stagger of wheels helps to keep players more on their toes, which translates to enhanced speed and acceleration. The smaller wheels in front help with control and balance

If you are a performance-level player looking for a comfortable and durable pair of roller hockey skates, without breaking the bank, look no further than the Mission Inhaler FZ-3 Senior Roller Hockey Skates!

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