Hokejski ščitniki za komolce CCM Tacks AS-V JR




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Hokejski ščitniki za komolce CCM Tacks AS-V JR

The CCM Tacks AS-V Elbow Pad boasts elite-level coverage and impact protection for the highly competitive player but is offered at a much more affordable price. A major upgrade was added to the forearm guard, which is now built with an injected molded plastic that will give players the confidence to weave and dangle their way through traffic.

JDP Technology and D30 Lite Foam work together to provide incredible impact protection to the elbow. JDP is designed to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint while the D30 Lite Foam helps absorb impact energy inside the pad.

As for comfort, the AS-V offers a two-piece construction for maximum mobility and a great strapping system to lock the arm within the elbow pad all game long. It has a comfortable anchor strap and 360-degree forearm strap that allows players to dial in the fit and ensure the elbow pad sits comfortably in place.

Level of PlayElite
Fit ProfileHigh Profile: Maximum Coverage and Protection
Weight302 grams (Senior MD)
HeritageTacks 9080 / Tacks 7092 / Tacks 6052 / Reebok 18K KFS
Model NumberEPAS5


ASD Construction
'Anatomical Shield Design' follows the body's natural shape which ensures the best protection and coverage for your game while enhancing comfort and mobility.
JDP Technology
Standing for Joint Dispersion Protection, this unique design deflects heavy impact energy away from the joints and into the surrounding foam! This is a pro-preferred technology amongst NHL players today and provides players with elite-level contact protection.
D30 Smart Foam
CCM's most advanced and protective material available, D30 is rate-sensitive so it won't hinder comfort or mobility. Soft and pliable in its natural state, D30 quickly hardens and absorbs impact energy to bring players the very best protection for all kinds of hockey-related impacts. 


BicepEVA Foam, Thick Standard Foam, Plastic Insert
Elbow CapJDP Technology, Molded Plastic, D30 Lite, EVA Foam Cover
ForearmInjection Molded Plastic, Thick Standard Foam

Elbow Pad2-Piece, Floating Bicep
ExteriorPolyester, EVA Foam
LinerSublimated Polyester

Bicep1.5" Elastic Nylon
ElbowMesh Anchor Strap
Forearm1.5" Nylon, 360-degree Length Adjustable


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Hokejski ščitniki za komolce CCM Tacks AS-V JR

Hokejski ščitniki za komolce CCM Tacks AS-V JR

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