Hokejska kompozitna palica Bauer AG5NT JR

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Hokejska kompozitna palica Bauer AG5NT JR

The Bauer AG5NT Stick is the lightest and quick-releasing Bauer Hockey stick ever. For the first time ever and exclusive to Bauer, new Boron Fiber technology delivers optimal stiffness and compression strength standard materials. This makes the AG5NT the lightest stick ever, the quickest-releasing Bauer tick ever, all with the same level of durability as previous ADV sticks. 
One of the key reasons why AG5NT and Boron can have a deadly quick shot in the first place is the proven XE Elliptical Shaft Taper. Since its debut on the Vapor FlyLite stick, XE with its unique elliptical shape has been fine-tuned every year since. With its slightly lengthed and reinforced design compared to the HyperLite, the AG5NT stick releases quicker and more accurately on every shot and pass. 
Puck feel can be an issue on superlight sticks since the blade holds a dense weight compared to the lengthy shaft construction. Bauer was somehow still able to provide the hand-to-puck connection and feedback with their AG5NT blade core, unlike the dead and unresponsive feel some of the earlier super-light sticks had in the past.


Level of PlayElite
Flex ProfileLow Kick
Weight337 grams (85 flex)
HeritageVapor ADV
Model Number1059912
(Note: All products are independently weighed and measured at IW Hockey with a 5% variance.)


Boron Fiber Technology
Never seen before in hockey and exclusive to Bauer, Boron is stronger, lighter and more responsive than traditional fibers. Since it can provide optimal stiffness and compression strength, it shaves weight and speeds up the rate of shot release better than any material before it.
XE Elliptical Taper
Unlike traditionally boxed connection points between the shaft and the blade, the elliptical shape is quicker, more accurate and lighter. Even compared to previous tapers found on the Vapor HyperLite and FlyLite, the AG5NT XE Taper is elongated and reinforced for even better performance.


ConstructionMonoComp One-Piece
ACL 2.0 Technology
Optimized Carbon Layup
MaterialsBoron Fiber Technology
Grip FinishTacky Grip
Shaft DimensionsRound Corners, Concave Sidewalls
Stick Lengths60" (87, 77, 70 flex)
57" (65, 55 flex)
54" (50 flex)
52" (40 flex)


Kick PointLow Kick
Shot ProfileQuickest Shot Release
Shaft TaperXE Elliptical Taper


ConstructionAG5NT Blade Core
MaterialsBoron Fiber Technology
Face TextureStandard


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Hokejska kompozitna palica Bauer AG5NT JR

Hokejska kompozitna palica Bauer AG5NT JR

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